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January 6, 2009, 1:23 am
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well hello 2009.

i have made a couple of new years resolutions. one being to be a healthier being. I’m promising to eat less fast food and more natural foods.

It’s weird. At one point, I couldn’t think of anything better than two juicy double cheeseburgers (with no pickle and no onion), a small fry, and a small doctor pepper. But nowadays, the thought of the $4.30 meal makes me want to puke. I might as well just be drinking a cup of grease. But yet sometimes the moment calls for some fast food. But for the most part I want to stay away from it.

Another resolution is to blog more. I’m thinking that doing it once a week will get me in the habit of writing more blogs. Cause I dig the whole blogging thing.
So there we go. A few of my new years resolutions.

I think that 2009 will be the most interesting and exciting year of my life.



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what does 09 have in for joe brim?

Comment by brian

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