“If It’s the Beaches” cover

Hello to all…

Wow. Has it really been almost 10 months since I last blogged? Well daggum! I might start doing it again soon. I kinda miss it. Oh well. Who knows.

Anyways, I was just gonna share a little bit about the song im putting up online for a free download.

First of all, it’s an Avett Brother’s song called “If It’s the Beaches” off their first EP called “The Gleam”. It’s an incredible song that has really impacted me in a good way. Not only me but in my girl friend, Meghan, and I’s relationship. It’s a story of love and how one would do anything and everything for the other. Like how the song says,

“…if it’s the beaches sands you want, than you will have them. If it’s the mountain’s bending rivers, then you will have them. If it’s the wish to run away, then I will grant it. Take whatever you think of, while I go gas up the truck. Pack the old love letters up. We will read them when we forget why we left here.”

Sorry for the full quote. I just freakin love that verse. It means a whole lot to me and for Meghan.

So when Meghan and I’s 6 month anniversary thing arrived about 3 months ago, I decided to record 4 of the songs that have the most meaning in our relationship and this song is definitely one of them. I wanted it to be as raw as possible. I recorded without a metronome. Without auto tune (obviously, if you heard it). And without cutting and pasting tracks. I recorded the vocals and the acoustic guitar on one track and all on one take. Same with the banjo. All one take. During the bridge of the song, I actually physically get up from my chair while playing and walk to the other side of my room while the banjo moves closer to the mic. I think it turned out the exact way I wanted it to. And the best part about it is that Meghan loved it! YES! That was the ultimate goal.

But I say all that to say this. Here’s the link to the free download of “If It’s the Beaches” cover:



Welp, anyways. I hope that you guys like it and it would be great if you told me your thoughts! And if you’d like, you can share it with errbody! Thanks!

joe brim